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Decorative Wall and Floor Coverings | Atria

Art Zemin produces special and versatile solutions for all you need about decorative floor coverings and becomes your solution partner in this field. Decorative epoxy coating is a type of coating with a visually elegant and aesthetic appearance and there is no design limit in application; the floor can be given a mosaic-like concrete air or the company's logo can be embroidered on the floor. Epoxy coating completely cuts the water permeability of floors with water permeability, such as concrete, marble, wood, by protecting the floor on which it is applied from all external effects, and acts as a water insulation, protecting the floor and the area completely from moisture and humidity.

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About the Product
1Application Area

• Chain stores
• Factories
• Parking lots
• Home and offices
• Workshops
• Industrial kitchens


Acrylic, Cement


Application Systems
• Epoxy based floor coating systems
• Polyurethane-based floor coating systems
• Orange peel parking systems
• Cement-based decorative floor systems
• Stair and wall covering systems
• Chemical resistant floor coverings