Ceramic | Orientile

Brand: Çanakkale Seramik

The extremely rich historical texture of Ottoman and Seljuk cultures is reflected in ceramics in the award-winning Orientile Collection by Can Yalman. The motifs that have literally witnessed the history come to life again and the traces of the past reach the present with brand new forms and special designs. Orientile Collection consists of 3 series: Feza, Aya and Rumi.

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Indoor, bathroom, terrace, hotel, office, cafe and restaurants

Feza series
• Size: 16x18.5 cm, piece / box: 22 pieces / box, m² / box: 0.3256, thickness: 6.7 mm
Aya series
• Size: 11.5x19.5 cm, piece / box: 22, m² / box: 0.32, thickness: 6.7 mm
Rumi series
• Size: 20x20 cm, piece / box: 12, m² / box: 0.48, thickness: 7 mm