Thermal Brick 240

Brand: Kudret

It is 235 * 240 * 135 mm thermal brick. It is a composite thermal insulation brick with horizontal and vertical mortar joints, horizontal holes, used on inner and outer walls, which is not carrier. Thermal conductivity values of Kudret thermal bricks are improved compared to other masonry materials due to EPS material used in composite structure. The most important advantage is that it eliminates the cost of jacketing.

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All building types

• Clay bricks produced in TS EN 771-1 standard
• Type (TS EN 771-1): Category II - P
• Dimensions (cm): 23,5x24x13,5
• Order code: TTUG240
• Wall thickness: 24 cm
• Consumption (Piece/m²): 30 pieces
• Weight (kg): 5 kg
• Compressive strength: 1.5 N/mm²
• Thermal conductivity calculation value (h): 0.11 W/mK
• Volume weight: 650 kg/m³

TSE - CE Certificate, National Technical Approval Certificate (CPC-UTO-2017/082), TS EN 771-1