20 cm Maxi Brick

Brand: Kudret

Kudret 20 cm maxi brick with its composite structure can be used alone with normal mortar in the 1st-2nd heat zones, TS EN 998-2 Light Insulated Mortar in the 3rd heat zones and without the need of jacketing in all projects.

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All building types

• Clay bricks produced in TS EN 771-1 standard
• Type (TS EN 771-1): Category I - P
• Dimensions (cm): 25x20x23,5
• Ordering code: MAXI20
• Wall thickness: 20 cm
• Consumption (Piece/m²): 16 pieces
• Weight (kg): 7 kg
• Compressive strength: 4 N/mm²
• Thermal conductivity calculation value (h): 0.118 W/mK
• Volume weight: 600 kg/m³

TSE - CE Certificate, National Technical Approval Certificate (CPC-UTO-16/112), TS EN 771-1