Vertical Perforated Bricks | 24x14,5x23,5

Brand: Kilsan

It provides high sound and heat insulation thanks to its specially designed hole shapes, settlements and the amount of porosity it contains. It is used interlaced thanks to the lambda and tenons in the design. Thus, with the disappearance of horizontal and vertical heat bridges, mortar saving is provided. In addition, by using specially designed hollow bricks at the beginning and ends of the wall, it is manufactured in accordance with the standards of the wall and heat leaks are reduced to a minimum level. Products are also shipped packed.

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It is used to provide heat and sound insulation in reinforced concrete buildings.

• Size: 24x14,5x23,5cm W type insulation brick
• Vertical perforated bricks must be cleaned from dust, oil, etc. and soak well before application.
• Vertical perforated bricks are produced considering the intended use and should be used with the holes perpendicular.
• Vertical perforated brick walls should not be overlapped with vertical joints, but the horizontal joints should be laid to form a smooth surface.
• Vertical perforated brick walls are cemented or cement + lime mortar, depending on where they are applied. Horizontal joint thickness should be 12 mm, the joints should be filled with mortar and the excess should be corrected.

TS-EN-771, CE