Horizontal Perforated Brick | | 19x19x13,5

Brand: Kilsan

It is a horizontal perforated filling element used to separate two different environments in reinforced concrete structures. It is used to separate the living spaces within the building and form the outer walls. Products are also shipped packed.

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It can be used to form 85, 135 and 185 mm wall thickness in reinforced concrete structures.

• Size: 19x19x13,5cm
• Bricks must be cleaned from dust, oil, etc. and soak well before application.
• Bricks are manufactured considering the intended use and should be used in accordance with their purpose; vertical perforated walls should not be built with bricks designed to be used as horizontal holes.
• The vertical joints in the brick walls should not overlap in a plurality and the horizontal joints should be laid in such a way that they form a smooth surface.
• Brick walls are cemented or cement + lime mortar depending on the places and types of application. Vertical joint thickness should be 10 mm and horizontal joint thickness should be 12 mm.
• The vertical and horizontal joints should be filled thoroughly with mortar.
• It is recommended to use specially manufactured half bricks at the beginning and end of the wall in order to maintain the integrity of the wall and provide the desired properties from the wall.

TS-EN-771, CE