Chimney Bricks | Circular

Brand: Kilsan

Chimney bricks are used for the removal of gases released from the heating systems of buildings. It can be safely used for exhausting high temperature gases due to being cooked at 1000°C. During this process, the chimney systems in the building are also matched with different manufactured chimney bricks. Products are also shipped packed.

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It is used to transport the waste gases of the heating systems out of the living area in chimneys.

• Size: 19x19x19cm
• It is recommended that chimneys are built on the walls of the buildings, especially on the interior.
• Chimney joints should be filled thoroughly and corrected by taking differences. The outer surface of the chimney must be plastered.
• The chimneys should be laid so that the roof is raised at least 50 cm above the ridge level.
• Check the chimney bricks for cracks in the gas passage hole. Broken bricks should not be used.

TS-EN-771, CE