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Taner Yolcu Construction ltd is made up of architects, and technical and administrative managers with engineering-based skilled in the organizational structure of the board of elements. Demonstrated high performance in the 24-year working life. From 2000, by adding additional sections to the company and also to several working areas,TYCL established a machinery company which progressed to manufacturing machines. In addition to these areas, constructions are made with polycarbonate sheets, developed working areas, other than the cover class areas sites in the manufacture of hygienic silo containers; volume of business has been increased.

Based on the structural steel of the Republic of Turkey and agreements has been signed with companies from Europe and according to these standards 2 great projects have been acomplished. One of these projects is still constructing the trade center in Boğaz.

From 2002,instead of using spray guns TYCL has provided machines and equipments to do polyurethane insulation works, this has been introduced in this sector. Unfortunately Temel Yolcu, who was the brother of Taner Yolcu was a very gifted mechanical Engineer which contributed to the establishment of the machinery equipments, we mourn his loss (1954-2002).


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