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Triolux LED Lighting
Triolux LED Lighting

Triolux LED Lighting

Triolux LED Lighting, a registered trademark of Metsis Elektrik; was established in 2004 to add unique colors to the lighting industry with an innovative, courageous and ethical production approach.
Since the day it was founded, Triolux have gained the trust and appreciation of both the stakeholders and consumers, thanks to its long years of experience in the sector and constantly evolving expertise. Triolux LED Lighting, which has become a precedent company in its field with its adherence to quality standards and after-sales support, it has proudly opened the doors of world-class branding in time, not fitting into the borders of Turkey.
Triolux LED Lighting, which attaches importance to the meaning of light in life and knows that it is the source of the light that strikes the faces of your loved ones, continues the production processes by focusing on consumer satisfaction. Triolux carries out the product development studies based on the wishes and needs of the consumers; produces its wide product range, which can respond to every decoration style, in 23 different colors thanks to its own paint shop.
Deeply feeling the responsibility of the identity and reliability Triolux have gained in the sector as a result of intense efforts; thanks to the long-standing supplier relationships and dynamic production stages. Triolux produces quality, consistent, environmentally conscious and ergonomic lighting products by processing first-class raw materials with the power of its experience.
As Triolux LED Lighting, with the awareness of our team to add aesthetics to your living spaces; We have created a sensitive personnel culture focused on development, awareness, beautification with differences, increasing productivity, learning and teaching.
As Triolux LED Lighting, we have a high knowledge, experience and discipline in lighting techniques and lighting decoration. Considering the production in accordance with the relevant standards and technical specifications for lighting products as equivalent to our understanding of "respect for people", we have designed our mission not to illuminate the environment, but to illuminate lives.