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YOLPAN Noise Barrier

Brand: Parmephon

Environmental noise is the whole of unwanted or harmful outdoor sounds emitted from various sources. Traffic noise has an important place among environmental noise sources. With the increase in motor vehicle and rail system traffic due to population growth, traffic noise and its effects on human life are increasing day by day. The quality of life of people living or working in structures close to transportation networks is adversely affected. The noise level around the main traffic roads in the city is high, and the number of people affected by this noise is quite high. With the concentration of settlements in areas close to transportation networks, this situation has become a problem not only for big cities, but also for settlements of all sizes. If rooftop air-cooled equipment placed in a building in a densely populated residential area in the city center is installed without considering noise control, medium/high frequency noise from fans will disturb the surrounding residences. As soon as the equipment is operational, residents will complain about the loud noise. Thanks to YOLPAN Noise Barrier, it is possible to minimize airborne sounds.

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Acoustical design Mineral fiber board Noise barrier
About the Product

• 1 mm Perforated Aluminum
• 1 mm Unperforated Aluminum
• 95 kg/m3 7 Layer Glasswool High Absorber
• Perforation rate 35.4%
• Closed real aluminum panel
• Corrosion resistance
• Tongue and groove design
• 2, 3 and 4 m module length, module height 50 cm
• Thickness 123 mm
• St37 4mm thick iron sheet strong side strut beams
• St37 4mm thick iron sheet strong floor plate