Cubopol Sapphire Carbon EPS Thermal Insulation Board

Brand: CUBO

It is a gray colored thermal insulation board with graphite additive, produced from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

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It is used for external thermal insulation of building walls, terraces and hipped roofs, and thermal insulation applications in cold storages. It is especially preferred in passive house applications.

• It offers high thermal insulation performance.
• Offers 20% better thermal insulation performance than white EPS thermal insulation boards.
• It gets its gray color from the graphite additive it contains.
• Thanks to its graphite additive, it reflects the rays from the sun while absorbing them.
• Due to this feature, it offers better thermal insulation performance than other gray colored EPS thermal insulation boards that do not contain graphite.
• Thanks to its high flexibility ability, it does not break or scatter while cutting during application and can be easily applied to the wall.
• It is water repellent, has increased water repellency and has a very low water absorption rate (WL(T) X c X%).
• It maintains its dimensional stability throughout the life of the building. Gases that are harmful to humans and the environment are not used in its production.

TS EN 13163+A1