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Polyberk | Foam Insulation Board

Brand: Polyberk

Standing out with its closed cell structure and low heat transmission properties, Polyberk is an environmentally friendly recycling material. Polyberk, which is produced in 3 different forms as isolated band, insulated pipe and isolated foam plate, offers optimum solutions for heat and sound insulation in structures.

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Sound insulation Polyethylene (PE) board Polyethylene foam Foam insulation board
About the Product
1Application Area

Used in buildings for heat and sound insulation.


Production between 2-15 mm - 25-35 kg / m³
Production of plate up to 80 mm thickness except standard thicknesses
Optional single face-double face foil, film, tape laminated production
Optional fire performance enhancing production
It provides the most effective heat and sound insulation in line with the technical requirements of the building.
It is not affected by construction chemicals.
Easy to heat, suitable for wide temperature range.
Thanks to its high elasticity and light weight, it is easy and fast application.
Environmentally friendly, does not contain HCFC.
Material: 5-15 mm; 25- 40 kg / m³ Polyethylene foam
Sound reduction: Ln: 19 - 23 dB (TSE EN 12267)
Thermal conductivity: 0.040 W / mK (TS EN 12667)
Water absorption level WS05 (TS EN 1609)

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO, TSE, Trademark Registration Certificate