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Aluminum Foil Butyl Tape | BK-PAA74

BK-PAA74 is a high performance insulation foil, which is highly resistant to outdoor weather conditions and UV, one side is tear-proof aluminum film and the other side is coated with butyl. It is flexible, self-adhesive and tough. It is easy to apply and does not leave a stain after application. Butyl does not flow and harden or crumble.

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About the Product
1Application Area

- In plaster finishing details in joints of skylight, metal or polycarbonate roofs,
- In the insulation of aluminum frame connections, ventilation ducts of metal facade constructions against water and moisture,
- For repair purposes in existing finished applications,
- Used for waterproofing under the pressure profile in classic curtain walls and winter garden applications.
- The surfaces to be applied must be clean, dry, free from dust, oil and dirt.


• It performs very well at low and high temperatures (- 20 ° C, + 80 ° C)
• Butyl does not soften at high temperatures, does not flow (+ 80 ° C)
• Butyl does not harden at low temperatures, does not break (- 20 ° C)
• Can be drilled with screws, does not splinter and wraps around the screw
• Adheres very well to many materials such as PVC-U, wood, steel, brick, glass, aluminum, polycarbonate. It does not require primer.
• Water and vapor proof. It has high resistance against acid and alkali substances.
• If applied correctly, it will not lose its performance for at least 15 years.
• Color: Aluminum gray - Lead color (LEAD) - Black
• Thickness: 1.0, 1.5 mm

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