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Thermo-Acoustic PU Insulation Foam | Tytan Professional Thermospray

Thermospray is a polyurethane-based, one-component, ready-to-use insulation foam. The product has strong adhesion and is applied in conjunction with the special TY-JET® Spray Nozzle. TY-JET Spray Nozzle allows the foam to be spread over a wide area on a variety of flat or irregular surfaces such as wood, metal, brick, concrete.

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Polyurethane foam Polyurethane insulation Sound insulation insulation foam XPS foam EPS foam
1Application Area

- External walls
- Internal walls
- Roof spaces
- pipes and channels
- Containers
- All damaged and uneven surfaces


• Superior thermo-acoustic insulation
• Strong adhesion to various surfaces
• Working speed up to 10 m2 in 1 hour
• Prevention of heat bridge formation thanks to its homogeneous structure
• No need to fix with any mechanical binders after application.