Acoustic Strech Ceiling/Batyline Aw, Batyline Aw-Lux

Brand: Serge Ferrari

In 2016, the Company received the "Sound Insulation Product of the Year Award" at the Insulation Industry Achievement Awards. Polyester PVC containing, acoustic absorber flexible composite membranes. Polyester PVC containing, acoustic absorbing flexible composite membranes.

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Interior ceiling applications, interior partitions and acoustic screen applications
Indoor pool and sport centers , hotel and office lobbies, meeting rooms, conference rooms, social facilities, floor gardens, food - beverage areas

Different color options
With its light permeable new model (Batyline AW- Lux)suitable for glass ceiling/ separation applications and acoustic curtain applications
Its lightweight and flexible texture allows for innovative designs
High acoustic absorber with a NRC of 0.65 (aw = 0.65)
Easy maintenance
Fire retardant
%100 recyclable
Greenguard certified
High resistance to microorganisms&humidity
Printable exceptional surface treatment

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 1421 , EN ISO 2286-2, DIN 53.363, ISO 846 Method A, EN 13501-1

Taksim Acıbadem Hospital, İstanbul
Hasan Kalyoncu University Amphitheater, Gaziantep