Metal Suspended Ceiling | Gordion Modular

Brand: Tacer

Tacer Gordion Modular Systems allow you to achieve your dream image with different carrier system alternatives. Since they can be produced in desired sizes as well as standard sizes, they adapt easily to your space. While ensuring that the desired acoustic performance is captured with different perforation options; It allows your trace in the design to be included in all building elements with an unlimited color chart.

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- Banks and Official Institutions
- Education and Health Institutions
- Airport, Metro and Bus Stations
- Congress and Cultural Centers
- Shopping malls
- Office, Hotel, Showroom and Fairgrounds

Aluminium, Steel

• Dimensions: Standart and custom
• Perforation and acoustics: Plain or with variable perforations
• Color: All RAL colors, wood textures, natural wood veneer and anti-bacterial paint

TSE - ISO 9001 - ISO 45001 -ISO 14001 - ISO (Russia) - KM AL (Russia) - KM GLV (Russia)