Open Ceiling Systems | LOOP®

Brand: durlum

The innovative LOOP® metal ceiling from durlum stands out by virtue of its offset round openings that define the seamless appearance of this type of ceiling. With its characteristic curves, opens up new design latitude.

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Airports, train and metro station, shopping centers, clinics, schools and universities, museum and galleries, banks, office buildings, residential

Seamless ceiling appearance: With the S-shaped contours on individual elements of the LOOP® ceiling
Organic openness: The subtle arrangement of openings with a free cross section of more than 50%
Optimum integration: Lighting elements or technical equipment such as sprinklers can be integrated harmoniously
Effective acoustics: LOOP® is an open ceiling system that can also be configured as a closed and acoustically effective variant
Self-aligning mounting: On the magnetic mounting system as well as on the mounting system with screws.

DGNB , ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:14001, CE, TAIM, DIN, DGNB, VDE, Interseroh