Wooden Wool Systems

Brand: Tacer

The Tacer Wooden Wool Series is produced with special sizes of carrier systems and special sizes of panels. They are products with high acoustic performance. It is easy to install and can be manually disassembled and installed in case of access to the back of the ceiling. Since their acoustic performance is high, they have a high rate of preference in offices, meeting rooms and schools, as well as architectural projects. Different color options are available.

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- Banks and Official Institutions
- Education and Health Institutions
- Airport, Metro and Bus Stations
- Congress and Cultural Centers
- Shopping malls
- Office, Hotel, Showroom and Fairgrounds
- Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms
- Cinema and Theater Halls

Wooden wool

• Dimensions: Standart and custom
• Color: Wide color options

TSE - ISO 9001 - ISO 45001 - ISO 14001 - ISO (Russia)