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Supershield Turkey
Supershield Turkey

Supershield Turkey

Supershield was founded in 1998 by a group of chemists who developed the DPC (Deep Penetrating Crystalline) crystalline technology for waterproofing concrete. With its manufacturing plant in India and global operations centre in Italy, Supershield today is a global firm with full focus on highly innovative products for waterproofing and protecting concrete.
Supershield Turkey was founded in 2017 as a partner company and has gained credibility by supplying and applying its products in several reputable projects in a short period of time.
The R&D department of Supershield exclusively studies and develops products with minimum to no environmental impact. The use of components is designed to take advantage of the chemistry of the materials in which they are used, to avoid pollution of the environment. Thanks to this responsible approach, the use of Supershield products and systems is compatible for projects aiming to obtain LEED certification, as well as for projects entailing contact with potable water.
Supershield is dedicated to ensuring the skills and technical training of its solution partners, both in the classroom and in the field. Supershield contributes to the success of the products by its effective omnipresence at every stage, from providing advice during the project phase to the proper application at the construction site.
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