Laminated Wood Beam

Product group currently includes: Laminated timber, timber frames, glulam frame pillars, glulam columns, glulam frame rafters, wall panels, floorboards, glulam boards and Thermowood products.

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Floor coverings, interior floorings, facade and wall coverings, structural elements

Laminated product group is manufactured with modern technology. The tree’s most durable part, the heartwood is always set on the top layer of the product. Wood is a safe and advantageous choice for building material. Glulam product is manufactured from two or more pieces and does not dent, bend or crack. As a result of accurate manufacturing, the material is dimensionally precise and beautiful. Laminated product group combines modern woodworking technique, traditional design and enduring appreciation towards woodwork. Laminated products are the right choice for you, if you are looking for a durable and carefree solution that will last for future generations to enjoy.

EN 391, RT 21-10750