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Sauna Design, Project, Manufacture and Equipments

Brand: Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions

It is a type of bathroom made of wood based on the principle of high temperature-low humidity, which originated in Finnish culture. Sauna; It is a cultural-physical phenomenon that regulates the heart, circulatory and nervous system. Rapid and intense temperature increases and decreases in the human body constitute the main principle of sauna. As the blood vessels expand, blood flow accelerates, our organism tries to keep the body temperature constant by cooling the skin and reacts with intense sweating. The skin is revitalized by being cleared of dead cells. It has a soft and smooth surface. Intense sweating adjusts the balance of water and toxins in the human body. Regular sauna baths also help the respiratory tract to work more regularly. The sauna bath affects the cardiovascular system and blood pressure in a positive way, and actually provides a stress-free training to the heart and the whole cardiovascular system. Sauna causes an increase in total blood proteins. This increase allows more oxygen to reach the tissues. Sauna provides an excellent environment for physical and mental health. Removing toxins with a harmonious temperature, resting and then taking a shower with cold water regulates blood circulation, reduces tension, and provides rest and peace.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Hotels, resorts, residences, thermal facilities, sports facilities, cruise ships, etc.


These are dry baths where the cabin temperature is between 80-95 °C and the humidity is between 10-15%.

• Infrared Sauna
They are saunas that use modern infrared technology as a heating source and offer the closest heat quality to the sun's rays. The infrared rays used in these saunas penetrate deep into the body, providing a comfortable temperature without overheating the skin and respiratory system like traditional saunas. This allows you to spend more comfortable and enjoyable time in the sauna.
• Bio Sauna
It is a type of sauna that provides a soft sauna atmosphere and offers aromatherapy (smell therapy) and chromotherapy (therapy with colored light) options where the cabin temperature is 50-60 °C and the humidity is 60%. With your family, friends or solo sauna bath, you can get away from the stressful world and spare time for your health. The sauna, which is no longer a luxury, has proven to be a health practice for a stress-free and healthy life. In addition to the beauty of the skin, the sauna also prevents the formation of unwanted lubrication and cellulite in some areas. In short, sauna is an excellent choice for body health and beauty.
• Portable Sauna

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