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About the Company

Light- Emitting Diode briefly we have taken it into our lives as LED. By this day, LEDs have been used in almost every area of ​​our daily life.
Their flexible structure and their ability to enter the desired form were enough to make them indispensable for the industry. In addition to this, the fact that it is energy efficient also allowed the led to be another preferred reason.
SONLED, started its R&D studies in the early 2000s by evaluating their experience and principles in this regard.
They have evaluated people's needs to the finest detail. They shaped theri designs and presented them to people's tastes. They closely followed the developments and started doing this job in the best way.
Today, they still continue theri development process. Today, a brand that exports to many countries of the world, SONLED continues to produce the most modern designs with the most technological products without compromising its principles.

SONLED Products


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