KNX Smart Home and Building Automation

KNX is a smart building control system that can take place both in our living space and in our working life. From single family homes to complex office buildings, you can design a flexible, energy efficient, comfortable and efficient living and working space thanks to the comprehensive KNX solution.

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Residential, office, hotel, hospital, shopping mall, etc.

• Thanks to its flexible structure, functions such as desired lighting, motorized curtains-blinds can be controlled with the desired key and easily changed in the future.
• Dinner, leaving the house / building, etc. With scenarios, an environment suitable for the situation can be created with a single touch.
• All controls can be done either from inside the house / building or from outside, via a smart phone / tablet.
• With its modules with encrypted communication, it keeps up with the cyber security requirements, which is one of the agenda topics of our age.