Sonic Bird Repellent Device | Super BirdxPeller PRO

Brand: Bird-X

Super BirdXPeller PRO Bird Repeller is an effective bird repellent up to 24 acres with its control box and speakers, programmable according to bird breed. It controls large areas with the most advanced sonic sound technology. This sonic programmable bird repellent creates a "danger zone" that birds should not enter by making sounds that naturally irritate them.

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Open spaces, parks, fields, warehouses, hangars, garages, barns, parking lots, airports, large building roofs, etc.

• Dimensions: Control unit: 27x27x16cm - Speakers: 12x12x18 cm
• Shipping weight: 5.5 kg
• Electric connection: 220V AC or 12 V DC Adapter and Battery not included.
• Sound intensity: 105 - 110 dB @ 1 meter
• Frequency Range: 3 - 5 kHz
• Conformity: UL, CE, EPA Est. 075130 ‐ OR ‐ 001
• Origin: USA
• Area of influence: 24,280 m² (up to 24 acres)
• Time and frequency can be controlled manually or via automatic adjustment panel.