Cat - Dog Repellents

Brand: Swisinno

Cat & dog repellents with various methods, frequencies and domains, suitable for needs, different capacities and features are focused on removing them by humane methods without harming animals.

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Ultrasonic, Sonic, Laser and Visual Animal Repellents:
HOUSING SOLUTIONS: Mass housing, detached flats, summer houses, villas, mansions, etc. in order to remove unwanted animals from places,
LAND SOLUTIONS: Lands, gardens and vineyards, fields, greenhouses, forestry and fish farms,
INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS: To protect against mice, insects, pests and birds in factories, warehouses, food production facilities, all kinds of workshops, restaurants, bakeries, business centers, port enterprises, yachts, caravans and corporate enterprises,
TOURISTIC FACILITY SOLUTIONS: In tourism businesses and shopping centers such as hotels, holiday villages, golf courses, boutique hotels, hostels, student dormitories, motels and timeshare,
HEALTH FACILITY SOLUTIONS: In hospitals, cafeterias, laboratories, health centers, at the removal points of unwanted mice, pests, insects and birds,
OTHER: It is used as a repellent of mice, pests, insects and birds in airports, military facilities, power plants, historical artifacts, museums, municipalities (solid, liquid waste and water treatment plants, parks), stadiums and official institutions.

The biggest in Europe in its category; Swissinno Solutions manufactures pest and rodent control products with Swiss design and approved by health organizations. It is a solution producer for natural pest control. Swisinn0, which develops innovative products with its dynamic, young, creative and experienced team, provides services with 300 kinds of products in accordance with Swiss quality standards for the needs of its customers.