Bird Repellent Liquid Concentrate

Brand: Bird-X

It is a bird repellent liquid that does not harm birds and nature, disturbs the taste texture of biodegradable birds and leaves an unpleasant taste.

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Grass, meadow, corn, fruit crops, sunflower, oats, trees, water, nests, structures, roofs, walls, siding, sculptures, bridges, boat docks, non-fish, fish water beds and similar places.

The active ingredient, methyl anthranilate, is made from a component of grape and has been used for years by the sugar, chewing gum, soda, food and pharmaceutical industries as flavoring.
• Classified as "risk-reduced" by the EPA.
• The product, which is a biodegradable nutritional liquid, is sprayed at varying dilutions according to the usage areas. Birds move away from Bird Stop sprayed products that they don't taste like, and look elsewhere for their food.
• Repels birds with its taste and smell. It can be applied to surfaces by spraying or brushing.
• Usually a single application brings permanent success. Even the most stubborn birds will not try to taste it again after 2-3 applications.
• According to needs, 1 gallon (3.79 liters) is enough for 4 acres.