Bird Proof Fan

Brand: Bird-X

Bird proof spider wire, special alloy wire lower part on the rotating reel, with a special plastic protector at its ends to prevent damage to birds, it moves 360 degrees in the slightest wind or wing beats and destroys the areas where the birds will be placed. Birds cannot be landed either because it is mobile, does not have a touchdown surface, and plastic objects that touch the wings during movement. The success rate is 98%.

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Roofs, HVAC units, street lights, etc. open spaces

• Pressure: Light - Medium
• Material: Stainless steel and Delrin plastic
• Mounting: Delrin base is screwed onto its surface
• Installation Level: expandable
• Center spindle can be easily detached from the base to access its protected area
• Diameter: 60.96 cm usage area
• Property; Roller capable of turning rapidly in the smallest wind
• There are plastic tips to prevent the swinging sticks from harming birds and humans
• Place of Production: USA