Bird Net Application Services

Brand: Bird-X

In addition to its bad appearance, bird droppings cause rotting in the paint and plaster of the building with its acidity over time, and also increase the building maintenance costs by causing the rainwater drainage to be blocked. Bird droppings are very slippery on wet surfaces, creating a slipping and falling risk for humans. In addition, nests and other waste create risks such as fire, gas poisoning and flooding by blocking the chimneys and water drain pipes. In addition, they are the direct source of pest infestation, which takes a long time to fight and is expensive. For these reasons, you can reduce repetitive cleaning and repair costs and protect buildings and equipment from corrosive feces with Bird-X products applications.

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Bird netting creates a physical barrier to prevent insects and birds from entering undesirable areas.

• Made of HDPE polyethylene.
• There are two types of bird net with mesh size of 19x19 mm or 50x50 mm. Nets with a mesh size of 19x19 mm are used for general purpose bird control. Nets with a mesh size of 50x50 mm are used only for pigeon control. There is no need to use a net with a smaller mesh size for pigeon control.
• It does not cause any harm to the bird. It is a barely noticeable, effective physical barrier.
• It is specially produced with maximum resistance to weather conditions (sun, water, etc.).
• It can be produced in desired sizes according to the application area.
• It has no water absorption feature, it is chemically inert.
• As a result of fire safety assessment, ‘can be used as construction material in buildings‘ ‘test report is issued by TSE.
• It is UV blocking substance added.
• Black colored, special knotted networks. Black color is the hardest noticeable color. It is especially recommended to use black colored nets in such applications.
• The perimeter of the application area is first determined with 2 mm steel ropes. Bird net is attached to the rope with special mounting material.
• Thread diameter is 0.8 - 1.0 mm.
• Its weight is approximately 70 g / m2 (valid for 19x19 mm mesh)
• Its weight is approximately 20 g / m2 (valid for mesh with 50x50 mm mesh)