Anti Bird Wire Strip

Brand: Bird-X

Bird wire ledges, beams, eaves, moldings, roof overhangs, etc. It is a discreet, humane and highly effective bird control solution for interior and exterior surfaces where birds are placed. Special bird proof coated stainless steel wires attach to stainless steel poles of different heights, creating an uneven landing surface and - if not impossible - making it difficult for birds to cut their shells over the machined surface.

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Long, exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, etc. It is frequently used in high visibility ledges where aesthetics are important.

• Wire Feature: Seven-wire, stainless steel wire covered with U-V-stabilized transparent nylon. Diameter is 0.7 mm with a breaking strength of 100 lbs
• Bird Pressure: Light - Medium
• Material: Stainless steel with special plastic coating
• Installation: Stainless steel, nylon coated wire, attached to stainless steel poles and tensioned using springs
• How it Works: Nylon coated spring-tensioned stainless steel wire is attached to stainless steel poles at different heights and spacings, the bases are drilled or glued to the surface.
Special Attachments: Pipe clamps, slotted clamps and beam clamps are available for mounting on various surfaces