WGA 73 - Winter Garden System

Brand: Amanos

Winter garden systems offer high performance special solutions with horizontal and inclined roof applications. Multiple glazing can be applied (4+4, 5+5, 6+6 Laminated 20mm-30mm Isıcam). Polycarbonate can be applied. System profiles are cut at 90°, thus providing ease of manufacture and installation. In WGA 73 system profiles, notching is not done during application. Special streams and side beams are used. The carrier profiles of the system are made of aluminum. You can provide a modern look to your projects in the winter garden, restaurant, cafe and terrace closures.

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All building types

Glass, Aluminum

Skin Width
• 73mm

Glazing Range
• Minimum glass thickness: 8 mm
• Maximum glass thickness: 26 mm

Profile Wall Thickness Range
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1.6 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 3 mm

Glazing Method
• EPDM Roving
• Laminated glass
• Tempered glass