SRA 150 - Movable Glass Ceiling System

Brand: Amanos

SRA 150 glass roof system is a system that works by collecting glass panels moving on rails in a fixed area with the engine. The system is manufactured from modular profiles with integrated profiles with minimum cross section, beam, wall fixing sections, gutter and support column. System components consist of high quality engineered functional materials. SRA 140 glass roof system can be made unlimited length 550 cm deep. Panel widths can be made from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 150 cm. It has a special profile structure suitable for LED lighting. The system is designed to create suitable architectural solutions and spacious environments for hotels, restaurants, cafes, conservatories.

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All building types

Glass, Aluminum

Facade Width
• Outer Appearance: 150 mm

Glazing Range
• Glass Thickness: 30mm

Profile Wall Thickness Range
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1.5 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 3 mm

Glazing Method
• EPDM Roving