Polycarbonate Roof and Facade Skylight Panels

Brand: MegaLux

For the Megalux system, five-walled polycarbonate modular panels with a standard width of 60 cm can be used both as roof and facade skylights with its form. The tabs on both sides of the Megalux polycarbonate panel provide a great advantage for secure and easy panel connections. The Megalux system has an undisputed advantage over the application details of standard polycarbonate sheets, as well as higher thermal insulation with air ducts in its 5-layer structure. The high light transmittance provided by Megalux system varies according to wide color alternatives and offers very aesthetic and functional solutions.

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All industrial and commercial buildings, stadiums and pool closures, walkways and walkways, parking lots and bus stops, greenhouses and winter gardens

B S1 d0 flammability rating
High light transmission and thermal insulation
-40 ° C + 120 ° C heat resistance
High UV protection
Variety of colors

CE 16153, GOST, ISO 9001:2008