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Titanium Zinc Roof Coatings


Rheinzink is a zinc alloy of 99.995% purity consisting of zinc, copper and titanium and is a world brand in this regard. All Rheinzink products, which are the result of first-class processing quality, are non-flammable, rustproof and heat-resistant. At the same time, the environmentally friendly material has a durability of 80-100 years.

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About the Product
1Application Area

RHEINZINK products can be easily applied in traditional or modern designs with their material properties suitable for curvilinear-conical-spherical construction forms, resistant to dry-humid-extremely hot-cold environmental conditions. Multi-functional residences, social facilities, hotels, hospitals, industrial / industrial buildings etc. It can be used easily in buildings.


Surface alternatives: prePATINA bright rolled, prePATINA blue-gray, prePATINA graphite-gray
Specific weight: 7.2 g / cm³
Material Thickness, Width and Weight Information:
Thickness: 0.70-0.80-1.00-1.20 mm (Intermediate thicknesses can be produced by special order)
Width: All values in the range of 250 mm-750 mm
Weight: 100-150-200-250-500-1000 kg.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

DIN EN 1179, DIN EN 988, DIN EN 612, DIN EN 16001: 2009, EN 15804, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 50001: 2001, ISO 14025, ISO 14040, ISO 21930, QUALITY ZINC, LEED, BREEAM, C2C