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Mavis Prepainted Steel Bracket

Brand: Mavis®

The Strongest of the Painted Sheet Bracket! MAVİS® is the only brand that offers high UV resistance, corrosion resistance, paint thickness, deformation during bending, deformation after bending, dense zinc amount, scratch resistance and 20 years manufacturer's warranty. Mavis®, produced in Italy, is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to express their style with colors and maintain the appearance of any building unchanged over time.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Mavis® Prepainted Steel Bracket coating material provides an excellent application experience because it is much more durable and easy to shape than PPGI. Mavis® colored zinc steel condition is preferred for roof and facade cladding because it is a DX53D-based product group and takes shape more easily.


Painted steel


• UV resistance: RUV 4
• Corrosion Resistance: RC 4
• Paint Thickness: 35µm K2 / 25µm
• Deformation During Bending: ≤2T
• Deformation After Bending: ≤1T
• Zinc Amount: 225gr / m²
• Warranty: 20 years

4Quality Assurance Certificates

EN, ISO and CE