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Green Roofs Drainage Boards

Brand: sntdrain

A board with a bubbly structure, made of high-density polyethylene, has a high water storage capacity and compressive strength, developed for use in green roof applications.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Green roof drainage boards are the most important component of Green Roof systems, they provide the water storage required for plants in dry seasons thanks to the water storage reservoirs, as well as the excess water and the water vapor accumulated in the system through the drain holes. In addition, it protects the water insulation layer in the lowest layer of the system against mechanical impacts that may occur during or after the application of green roof systems.


• GR 20
- Dimple Height: 20mm
- Compressive Strength: Approx. 170 kN/m²
- Water Holding Capacity: 4,50 l/m²
- Weigth: 800 gr/m²
- Roll Size: 2 mtx20,00 mt

• GR 25
- Dimple Height: 25mm
- Compressive Strength: Approx. 400 kN/m²
- Water Holding Capacity: 6,00 l/m²
- Weigth: 1500 gr/m²
- Roll Size: 0,90 mtx1,90 mt

3Quality Assurance Certificates