Roof Applications

When you want to have a new roof, the most important issue you need to decide on should be the choice of material, because the climate type of the place where the roof will be made will determine how long the material to be selected will last and its function. In places where the amount of precipitation per square meter is high, the insulation material used on the roof should be more durable than in other places. Again, in a region that receives a lot of snow, the requirement of appropriate slope is an important issue so that the roof does not hold snow and is not affected by the damage caused by snow water.

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For those who cannot give up the nostalgic look of Turkish style tiles. Protect your roof like an armor against external conditions with Evolution Innotech surface coating technology offered only by Braas.
• Superior Evolution Innotech surface coating technology
• Armored tile surface: Incomparably high resistance to environmental influences
• Color strength: Much stronger and long-lasting color strength performance
• Silky surface: Better self-cleaning with rain

Durable shingle and complementary system products with striking colors that make a difference on your pitched roof. With SBS bitumen products, Icopal Shingle-System provides functionality and easy application in corners, joints and other details with its flexible structure. Offering more protection especially in difficult climatic conditions such as wind and cold weather, Icopal Shingle-System differs from its counterparts with these features.
• Plano antique – earth red
• Plano ancient – ​​forest green
• Plano Pro – Graphite black