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Performance Enhancing Fiber for Hot Mix Asphalt

Brand: Forta-Fi

It is an asphalt booster containing aramid, polyolefin fibers and other materials known for its strength, durability and bonding properties. Its three-dimensional feature consists of strong and chemically-inert synthetic fibers and materials that are rapidly added to the asphalt mixture and homogeneously distributed inside.

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Modified asphalt Asphalt
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used in binder layers, wear layer, hot mixtures in stone mastic asphalt on asphalt roads.


• It creates high performance asphalt at low cost.
• Provides 3D reinforcement in asphalt repairs.
• It creates an asphalt with a high modulus of elasticity.
• It reduces the formation of wheel marks and cracks.
• Increases Marshall stability value and flow rate.
• Increases the Shear Strength.
• It is effective against permanent deformation.
• Increases resistance against thermal cracks.
• It minimizes the crack propagation.
• It is effective against fatigue and wheel marks.
• Increases bending strength and viscosity.