Fiberglas Geogrid

Brand: Geofor Asfalt

It is a polymer coated Fiberglass Geogrid consisting of connected parallel sets of stretchable ribs with sufficient spacing to ensure high interlocking and effective coupling of two asphalt lifts. The polymeric coating helps to further optimize the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass reinforcement and the asphalt coating. In addition, it is self-adhesive allowing better adhesion and faster installation.

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Geofor Asphalt can be applied to all asphalt and concrete pavements that are cracked due to thermal stress / wear and related problems. It can also be used in cracks caused by uneven settlements, joints in concrete pavements and road widening. Geofor Asphalt can also be used on different asphalt layers on top of each other, for example: jointless / silent connections on bridges / bumps or on expansion joints on concrete pavements.

• Geofor Asphalt is made of high tensile strength, high performance glass fiber rovings.
• Thermally and chemically stable at bituminous mixture temperatures up to 230 ° C.
• It is not affected by deicing salt, oil or bitumen and has a coating for mechanical protection.
• Geofor Asphalt provides maximum power even at very low stresses.
• Stress Factor is an important property because unreinforced asphalt or flexible asphalt pavement starts to show cracks at very low stresses, which can be as low as 1%. Geofor Asphalt has 72GPA Young's Modulus, which means it provides an effective reinforcement.
• Geofor Asphalt increases the performance of the asphalt layer by reducing maintenance costs and life cycle costs.