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Anti-Peeling Asphalt Additive

Brand: Tarmax

TARMAX improves peeling resistance to ensure a strong bond between bitumen and aggregate.

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Modified asphalt Asphalt
About the Product
1Application Area

TARMAX is generally used in hot mix asphalt and surface coating applications as an anti-peeling agent. In the TARMAX service tank, it can be mixed with bitumen manually or automatically with a circulation pump.


Damage due to water; It may cause rutting, dispersion, leakage, cracking and pitting. There are very few types of aggregates that can resist the movement of water; Because water can enter the structure of the asphalt pavement in many ways, such as wet aggregate, rainwater or water vapors formed in the substrate. Other factors that increase water-related damage are siliceous type aggregate or powdery aggregate.

One of the most important parameters affecting the service life of bituminous coatings is the surface tension that affects the adhesion between aggregate and bitumen. The use of TARMAX increases the service life of the asphalt road at only a small extra cost compared to the cost of the total asphalt materials.