Solution Series

Brand: RÖDER Türkiye

Solution Series are tent systems with special design for all projects where plaza concept and comfort are required, such as VIP projects, showrooms, sales offices.

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VIP projects, showrooms, sales offices

• Unlike standard tents, Solution Series tent systems designed for VIP projects have a 5 degree roof slope.
• Side cladding can be preferred as glass panels or aluminum panels. Thus, the tent gains the appearance of a permanent structure.
• Aluminum or PVC double-winged glass doors or sensored glass doors can be selected for door preferences.
• Wooden floors, aluminum cassette floors or RÖDER compact floor solutions can be used as floor upgrades.
• Thermo-Roof roof system is used in the roof covering of the tent. Thermo-Roof roof tarpaulin is a roof technology designed with RÖDER technology that provides thermal insulation. In the Thermo-Roof roof system, the roof covering of the tent consists of a double layer of canvas and a continuous layer of stagnant air is created between these two layers with the help of special air pumps and discharge pipes.
• Thanks to the Thermo-Roof roof system, which provides suitable weather conditions in summer and winter months, the problem of condensation inside the building is prevented and 50% savings are achieved in heating and cooling costs compared to structures with a single layer of tarpaulin. In addition, when translucent canvas is preferred in the Thermo-Roof roof system, daylight can be benefited from inside the building.

• Construction: Anodized Aluminum Profile
• Facade: RÖDER No.1: PVDF Coated Canvas, Glass Panel, Sheet Trapezoidal Panel, Sandwich Panel
• 95% recyclable

- Aluminum Alloy: AW 6005 T6
- Structural Components: EN 1090-2
- Canvas: Flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 norm, Euroclass EN 13501-1
- Static: TÜV approved