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Swimming pool

Swimming pools are open and closed common areas where people collectively benefit, swim, do sports, seek solutions to their physical problems and have fun. Aquaparks, hotel pools, summer and winter site pools, therapy pools, wave pools, massage pools, thermal pools are called "Pools Open for Public Use". Regardless of the location of the pool in public swimming pools, it is obligatory to establish the pool and its attachments (balance, tank engine room) and all spaces used by swimmers in accordance with health and safety rules and to ensure their continuity during operation.

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About the Product
1Application Area

swimming areas; It is used in all seasons by all segments of the society and age groups for entertainment, recreation, sports, education and health purposes.


• Pools can be applied in all kinds of indoor or outdoor places where the pool is desired to be built, to the extent that the geological and architectural structure allows.
• With a correct planning, the pools must be made resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions.
• Prior to this, regardless of the purpose of use of the swimming pool, it should be calculated in accordance with the TS 13661 standard.