About the Company

When Naturality and Lightness Meets Expertise...
PonceBloc harnesses the many extraordinary attributes of pumice, a material that has been favored by humanity for two millennia, and evolves them further with R&D conducted by the German MPVA Laboratories.
PonceBloc, the world's next generation lightweight masonry material, is produced with the investments of Arkas Holding in Kayseri, Turkey. The factory, with 5 thousand square meters of confined and 63 thousand square meters of open space, uses the latest applications of German engineering to manufacture new age building materials suitable for the new age of architecture.
Our Difference
We utilize the most recent advancements in technology in our sector with highest investment value to produce our goods. We combine German HESS block machines and RAMPF block molds with South Korean SAMJUNG steel production palettes to reach a remarkable block size precision of below ±1 mm margin of sensitivity.
We thoroughly process our handpicked batches of pumice to achieve the lightness we take pride in. The pumice is rid of all impurities and dust in this process, effectively reducing its dry density to 300 kg/m3 and dry block density to 350 kg/m3.
As an EDP certified product, PonceBloc requires no additional heating during its production and therefore contributes to the protection of the environment. We provide technical support to all construction sites working with PonceBloc to facilitate the building of safer and more efficient structures. Our assets in logistics allow us to freely ship our products around the globe.



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