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Waterproofing Mortar / Mapelastic

Brand: Mapei

It is a two-component, cement-based waterproofing mortar that maintains its flexibility even at -20 ° C for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.

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Pool insulation Spray-applied waterproofing material Waterproofing and dampproofing Waterproofing mortar insulation mortar Waterproofing Cement based waterproofing
About the Product
1Application Area

Insulation of concrete tanks where water is stored, waterproofing before ceramic application such as bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, plasterboard, plastered and cemented surfaces, waterproofing of aerated concrete and polywood surfaces, light-section concrete elements (precast concrete elements, including those deformed under load) panel etc.), protection of plaster concrete cracked due to shrinkage against water and harmful atmospheric components, reinforced concrete columns and beams repaired with mapegrout products, protection of concrete coatings of insufficient thickness against carbon dioxide penetration, seawater, sodium or calcium Protection of concrete surfaces likely to come into contact with chloride antifreeze salts or sulphates.


It remains flexible at very low temperatures (-20 ° C).
More than 20 years of experience and more than 300 million m2 of successfully waterproofed
It is CE certified in accordance with TS EN 1504-2 and TS EN 14891 standards.
Protects the surface of concrete from CO2 penetration (carbonation) for more than 50 years.
It is resistant to UV rays.
Against the harmful effects of chlorine, 2.5 mm Mapelastic provides protection equivalent to 30 mm concrete (water / cement ratio 0.45).
It can also be applied over existing coatings.
It is compatible with ceramic, mosaic and natural stone coatings.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, TS EN 1504-2 © PRINCIPLES PI-MC-IR, TS EN 14891, COWI - Chlorine Penetration