Cement Based Waterproof

Brand: İzoLatex Plus

Extra elastic waterproofing and concrete protection mortar, which can be applied indoors and outdoors, consisting of emulsion polymer based liquid component, cement based powder component containing chemical additives increasing water impermeability and workability, which forms an effective barrier against salts.

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On surfaces such as pools, water tanks, wet spaces (bathrooms, WC), terraces, balconies, foundation and curtain walls such as concrete, plaster and screed.

İçme suyu depolarında kullanıma uygun
Tüketim: 1,7 kg/m² (1 mm kalınlık için)
Esneklik: Ekstra esnek
Su geçirimsizlik (3mm kalınlık için): ≥ 7 bar (pozitif)
Yapışma mukavemeti (EN 1542): ≥1,00 N/mm²
Sıcaklık dayanımı: -40°C / 80°C

According to EN 14891 and EN 1504-2
Hacettepe University BS 6920 standard in accordance with the report of drinking water contact.