ARDEX 8 + 9 Double Component Elastic Waterproofing Material

Brand: ARDEX

Insulation material used inside and outside, under ceramics in wet places.

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- Indoors: Used in showers, baths and wet places, in bath and shower surroundings, and in showers and places with a general purpose drain.
- Outdoor: In order to provide protection and insulation on concrete and cement screed, ceramic and so on on balconies and terraces. used under coatings.
- ARDEX 8 + 9 should not be used as the main insulation material in buildings.

• Indoor and outdoor, on the wall and floor.
• Two-component insulation material providing water impermeability under cement and acrylic based coating.
• Application with a roller or spatula
• Does not contain solvent
• Variable consistency application feature
• Covering gaps and cracks
Fast drying
• Crack bridging feature at low temperatures (-5 ° C) and very low temperatures (-20 ° C) (at least 0.75 mm according to TS EN 14891)

CM 02P class certificate according to TS EN 14891