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Repair and Strengthening Mortars

Cement-acrylic-based mortars are fibre-reinforced repair and filling materials that are used on concrete and cement surfaces. Thanks to its strong binders and structures, it has very good adhesive strength on concrete surfaces. With its polymer structure, it contributes to the elasticity properties with excellent capillary sealing properties. It penetrates deeply to fill cavities and capillaries and reacts with moisture and components on the substrate to form a strong layer. It is used for all types of concrete repairs, renovations, fillings and detail work before waterproofing.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Epoxy-based repair mortar is ideal for use in situations where movement, pedestrian zones and impact zones are high. Such products will outperform conventional cement products and allow long-term repairs to be made to concrete. This industrial grade epoxy repair mortar bonds concrete permanently, does not shrink or crack, and forms a hard surface that is stronger than concrete.


• WISREPMOR® TIX Polymer – Fiber Reinforcement Thixotropic Repairing Mortar
WISREPMOR® TIX is a cement-based, thixotropic, one-component, structural repair and joint filler mortar with high stability.

• WISREPMOR® FL Polymer – Fiber Reinforced, Liquid, Repair and Grouting Mortar
WISREPMOR® FL is a cement-based, polymer - fiber-reinforced, one-component, structural repair and joint filler mortar with high stability.

• WISREPMOR® GR Cement Based, Self-Leveling Repair and Grouting Mortar
WISREPMOR® GR Cement-based, single component, polymer-reinforced, self-compacting grout.

• WISREPMOR® R5 Gross Concrete, Surface Correction and Repair Mortar
WISREPMOR R5 is a cement-based, fiber-reinforced, single-component, high-stability raw concrete surface smoothing and repair mortar.

• WISSEAL® WASSERSTOP Very Fast Setting Water Sealing Mortar
WISSEAL® WASSERSTOP It is a water sealing mortar containing special cements, chemicals and polymer additives, used in the isolation of active water leaks and drying of surface waters, which sets very quickly in contact with water.

• WIS® EPOFIX Epoxy - Resin Based, Dual Component, Thixotropic, Montage and Bonding Mortar
WIS®EPOFIX Epoxy is a resin-based, solvent-free, dual-component, thixotropic montage and bonding mortar.