Cubotech EP Mortar 30 A + B

Brand: CUBO

CUBOFIX EP MORTAR 30 is a two-component, solvent-free, non-shrinking, pasty and thixotropic epoxy repair, anchorage, coating, assembly and bonding mortar.

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It is used in the assembly and bonding of all kinds of steel and concrete elements, fixing of injection dowels, filling cracks, planting shoots, bonding dilatation tapes, bonding old concrete and new concrete.

• It does not sag as it has a thixotropic/trowel consistency.
• Strong adhesion to structures such as concrete, metal, wood, stone.
• Does not shrink (non-shrink).
• It does not cause precipitation and sedimentation.
• It can be applied in dry or slightly humid environments.
• Provides impermeability against mineral oils, petroleum, acid.
• It has high resistance to sea water, diesel, gasoline, cleaning materials.
• It is vibration resistant.
• It is water and gas impermeable.
• Wear resistance is high.
• Does not require primer.
• It can be used comfortably in reinforcement and anchorage works.
• It can be opened to pedestrian within 24 hours and heavy traffic within 7 days.