ARDEX REPMUR F Repair Mortar

Brand: ARDEX

Repair mortar suitable for indoor and outdoor use, on walls and floors.

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- It is used for filling cracks and crevices, leveling and repairing concrete surfaces.
- Concrete, prefabricated etc. It is used for filling the joints between the parts of the building elements and the surface correction of the reinforced concrete bearing elements with damaged surfaces.
- Reinforced reinforced concrete beams are used for repairing the foundation and foundation walls of the structures in prestressed reinforced concrete structural elements under dynamic or static load.
- It is used to chamfer the corners before waterproofing in foundation and foundation curtains.

• Thixotropic
• Anti-corrosion
• Possibility of application up to 70 mm in a single layer
• Reduces the risk of cracking and dust
• High strength

R2 class standard certificate according to TS EN 1504-3