Special Effect Paint | Conkratos Concrete Look Coating

Nippon Paint Conkratos is a decorative, acrylic-based, ready-to-use colored plaster with a gross concrete appearance that can be applied with a trowel and patterned on interior and exterior walls.

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All surfaces on which Nippon Paint Conkratos will be applied must be in a suitable condition to carry the product, smooth, solid, clean and dry and free from grease and dust. Nippon Paint Conkratos can be applied after priming with Nippon Paint Interior Transition Primer or coating primer colored in the final product color on concrete and plaster-style floors on interior facades.

It is ready to use.
It is waterproof and water resistant.
It can breathe.
It is resistant to alkali.
It gives an exposed concrete appearance.
It can be applied easily.

Depending on the absorbency of the surface, an average of 900-1500 g / m² can be covered with 1 liter in one layer. A controlled sample should be made for its exact consumption.

It can be stored for 3 years in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Close the lid of the package immediately after use in an airtight manner.

25 KG, 10 KG (Gray only)

Gray-Aggregate White-Pumice Green-Aventurine