Bi’Boya Betonart

It is an acrylic emulsion based, ready-to-use colored plaster that can be used both inside and outside, applied with a trowel, patterned with a trowel and has the appearance of concrete.

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Interior walls and facades

• Creates modern spaces with gross concrete texture.
• It allows the buildings to breathe with the ability to discharge the moisture inside.
• Resistant to alkali.
• Long service life.
• It does not smell and does not harm human and environmental health as it does not contain solvent.

Application and Consumption Information
• It is applied in 1 or 2 layers with a steel trowel without thinning on the surface prepared as specified in the application instructions. Thousands of patterns can be obtained with decorative application tools.
• Average 0.9-1.5 kg / m² depending on surface roughness, absorbency and application pattern.